Governance Highlights

Board Practices

The members of our Audit and Corporate Governance Committee must be independent members, elected by our Board of Directors except for the Chairman, who is elected by our shareholders.

Audit and Corporate Governance Committee

The Audit and Corporate Governance committee is in charge of assessing and submitting recommendations to the Board on issues such as the selection of the external auditor, the determination of the fees to be paid for its services, the management of the Company's internal audit area and the study of accounting policies. To this end, it is required to prepare an annual report, and submit it to our Board of Directors.

Name Position
Eugenio Garza Herrera Chairman
Eduardo Garza T. Fernández Member
Juan Carlos Calderón Rojas Member

The quorum for any meeting of our Audit and Corporate Governance Committee is a majority of its members and decisions must be taken by a majority of its members.

Environmental and Quality Management Systems

Nemak meets ISO 14001 and IAFT 16949:2016 standards in all its facilities.

Governance Documents (Nemak)

Code of Conduct

Code of Best Corporate Practices (Mexican Stock Exchange)